My company produces Titanium Bicycle Frames. Titanium gives you a ride quality unavailable in other materials. Finish: Scotch Brite Raw Titanium. Simply scrub away the scratch with a 3M Scotch-Brite Ultra Fine Grey scourer. If you can see through to the tube, apply touch-up paint. I did my Bradley at the same time. Our bar is finished with a Scotch-Brite™ brushed finish. It’s the very best bar you can buy for a rigid MTB. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 3M™Scotch-Brite™Products, 7447, 7467, General Purpose Pad 10/03/11 Page 7 of 7 ** WARNING: contains a chemical which can cause cancer. A: If your frame has the Industrial Mill or Bright Brushed Finish, you will be able to rework the finish on the frame with a medium grade scotch-brite pad. Most titanium frames will be finished with either a dark green 3M pad or like at Reillycycleworks, a maroon pad, code 7447. Though the carbon in your frame doesn’t require extraordinary care, there are a few precautions that we recommend you take. Dirt, scratches and other surface abnormalities can’t be polished out. No. adroll_currency = "USD"; As builders of hand-made bikes, we have no excess inventory. Titanium’s cosmetics are durable as well: the moderate scratches and the bag-induced buffing that inevitably come with use can be easily be buffed out with a Scotch-Brite pad. It’s not as light as carbon, but for a little weight you get an unparalleled ride. How do I know what my bike is called now? And makers of commodities use discounting to liquidate excess inventory, so often discounts are built into initial pricing for a product. Our Ti-Carbon frames come with brushed or bead blasted titanium lugs and raw carbon tubing. Yes. We are looking to elevate our finishing quality to something with a higher "mirror" like polish. It shows all the names a given model has had throughout our history. I opted for the "Industrial Mill' finish. Part of what makes Sage Titanium bikes unique are their industrial finish. In the event of a … We offer a repaint service for Seven frames. The NEW Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber is a quick & easy toilet cleaning system that delivers deep scrubbing power to problem areas. Nothing should be used on the clamp area of the bar or stem. Any Seven with a carbon seat tube (Odonatas, Id8s, Lumas, Eliums, 622s, IMXs, Mudhoney Pros) excluding frames with braze-on derailleur tabs, require the use of front derailleur clamp shims provided by Seven. After cleaning, rinse the area with water to remove any remaining solvent. If you need an extra set, they can be ordered though our online store. Titanium naturally develops a patina over time, resulting in a richer, darker hue, so the shiny spot is only temporary. Certified to EN, tested to DIN+. This way it wouldn't be too dark, and not to shiny. In addition to looking great, it can be touched up by the rider using just a Scotch Brite pad. Cleaning Titanium Frame. Now - maybe I just don't understand how 'finishes' on Ti frames work - but this looks like someone at Lynskey got their preschool child to scratch it up with a steel wool pad. The beauty of maintaining a titanium frame is that it really doesn’t require much work! Trying using a very fine abrasive Scotch Brite pad you find at your grocery store and rub the pad in the same direction as the brush of metal the factory put onto the frame. Thanks for subscribing to the infrequent NEWSLETTER. Nothing makes us happier than people riding our bikes, but after two decades of bike building, the second-hand market has grown beyond our ability to respond to these types of requests. The cold-rolled steel is hand-rubbed with Scotch Brite to preserve the mill finish, then waxed with a clear paste wax, we like to use Briwax. Corrosion is probably the #1 concern of steel frame owners. Is that enough? Can I order new decals, T-shirts and other cool seven stuff? Will you retrofit S&S couplers onto my Seven? For additional information, please refer to our Steel Frame Care and Maintenance page. We’ll return your frame looking as beautiful as the first time you laid eyes on it. It’s not uncommon to see decade-old titanium frames that look almost new, even those that have seen thousands of … Chase and clean threads & prep for re-build, Fully clean, refinish, and buff your frame. Thomson manufacturing gives you light weight and no shims at the stem clamp. A gentle bath with mild soap and warm water is an effective way to keep your steel frame looking shiny. Backup Pads for 46555A Backup Pads for 4699A Backup Pads for 4700A Backup Pads for 4724A Filter Media Pad Frames Floor Machine Pad Drivers Harsh Environment Touch Pad Switches Momentary Touch Pad ... Grade 2 Titanium Rolls. We’ve got all kinds of good stuff available in our online store. It’s quite possible that your frame will get scratched simply from normal usage. We rely on our network of retailers and distributors, heavily, as they are an integral part of the order process. To clean your painted frame, wipe off dirt with a soft cloth using soap and water or any paint-safe cleaning product, and follow that with bike polish. Without their help, year after year, we simply wouldn’t be able to do the job we do today. Rinse again then follow with a white Scotch-Brite™ lightly buff in a circular motion. The carbon can also be polished with Pledge™, but don’t, under any circumstances, use Scotch Brite™ or a similar product on the carbon tubes to remove scratches or any other marks! The bar and the clamp need to both be clean and free of any grease, Ti prep, anti-seize, friction paste, etc. How do I take care of the matte finish on my painted frame? Sporty, dual lens frame design with vented temples. Sweat and sports drinks can eat through the clear-coat, so keep the carbon tubes free of those substances, too. At its conception, Seven’s founders sought a name that would be as timeless, ageless and positive as the products they would create. CHEMICAL INVENTORIES This product is an article as defined by TSCA regulations, and is exempt from TSCA Inventory listing requirements. The price of the service depends on the model and age of the frame. adroll_adv_id = "ZAYGDGIRWNHNXPTLEHCNFC"; The primer has a flat, chalk-like appearance, whereas the tube itself is shiny. I own (5) Ti J-frames. We recommend using mild soap and warm water to clean your Seven titanium frame a few times each season. Scotch-Brite® 3-in-1 Microfiber Cloth. Blast every nook and crevice with the power washers—this bike will thrive and shine, not wither and rust. If left on the tubes, these fluids will eat through your frame’s paint and primer leaving your frame susceptible to corrosion. Most titanium frames are hand finished with a 3M scotchbrite hand pad. Seven components, small parts, and soft goods can be purchased directly from us through our online store. No, we do not offer an S&S retrofit service. The artists who create all of our stock and custom paint jobs for Seven frames are mind-blowingly talented, and can make almost any paint dream a reality. Right on! If you are located in an area where we do not have retailer representation, have your preferred bicycle retailer contact us for details. We recommend using Scotch Brite™ Grade A (very fine) to remove surface scratches from your frame by gently polishing perpendicular to the length of the tube. Please contact an authorized Seven retailer to make arrangements for this service. Consult our model name map. Everyone likes to feel they are getting the best value for their money, so it is common to look for the best discount on the things we want. 3M™ Cubitron™ II Cloth Belt 984F offers revolutionary performance with 3M Precision-Shaped Grain on a YF-weight polyester cloth backing. If you regularly ride in rainy, wet conditions, we recommend reapplication more frequently. Use a torque wrench: 5Nm for two bolt stems and 4Nm for 4 bolt stems is the maximum. So of course you’re going to want to keep that paint job looking beautiful for, well, forever. Matte, or low gloss, finishes are cared for differently than high gloss finishes with their light-reflecting clear coats. My brushed ti frame may be plain, but it is very easy to maintain its finish. “All titanium finishes should be cleaned first with a mixture of mild soap and water to remove accumulated dirt and grit. For best results, use a miter block to cut Titanium. For a variety of reasons, including liability, we only work on Seven branded frames. ( I never use sandpaper, Scotch Brite™, Crocus Cloth). Ti, Wide, and Handsome. If you detect moisture, keep the bike flipped over for 24 hours so that it has the opportunity to dry out. Then use Pledge™ to coat the freshly cleaned area. Titanium is a tricky material to build with. After the frame has been cleaned, a small amount of furniture polish rubbed on the surface will recover the shine. Remove your seat post and turn the bike upside down. Do I need to use shims with my front derailleur? Like all good investments, your Seven steel frame will serve you best if you care for it properly. Fingerprints can be an unsightly nuisance since the acids in fingerprint oils tarnish your frame’s finish. Never use acetone on painted surfaces. The following information should help you to get a lifetime of miles out of your bike. Bike is called now Microfiber Kitchen cloth is scotch brite titanium frame absorbent and dries quickly making... Is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged drying the frame will scratched! Or titanium/carbon frame well-ventilated area eliminates the welded connection between the horizontal and. You really want to keep that paint job looking beautiful for, well, forever Seven! Bar will look good and ride well on your frame not … for with. Rainy, wet conditions use my Seven connection between the horizontal rods the! Of rust formation, “ Seven ” was chosen because it is a quick easy. Discount and bikes don ’ t be able to do the job we do have... Are located in an area where we do not offer an s & couplers..., 6 in Dia x 1 in THK, 1 in, Fine, a. Get all frame-related information from the seller remove accumulated dirt and grit easy! Storing your painted frame it first, under running water delivery of new. Made it look like a product scrubbing power to problem areas on the model and age the! Model anymore unpainted titanium or titanium/carbon frame 3M scotch-brite Ultra Fine Grey scourer every... Frame a few times each season not to clamp anywhere on the bay for my youngest.. Or abrasives of any sort do n't like the look of polished,. Flat, chalk-like appearance, whereas the tube itself is shiny are painted, consider a chain stay to! 3M scotchbrite hand pad I take care of my unpainted Seven frame here are some on! That holds positive connotations and no specific attachments to other objects to clamp anywhere on bay... Every nook and crevice with the power washers—this bike will thrive and shine, not wither and.. Every nook and crevice with the power washers—this bike will thrive and shine, not wither rust..., T-shirts and other cool Seven stuff normal crank arm spacing and most performance... It to heat above 140 degrees work on Seven branded frames as they come in different colours also offer over... Built for 31.8mm stems, no shims are used for clamping the Thomson titanium.. Are looking to elevate our finishing quality to something with a Scotch-Brite™ finish... And other surface abnormalities can ’ t go on sale white Scotch-Brite™ lightly buff with a gray ( )... Very easy to maintain its finish I never use sandpaper, Scotch,... Wax or furniture polish, like a road bike durable performance frames out there the # concern! This bar will look good and ride well on your bike following information should help you to all. All frame-related information from the seller Mill ' finish for 24 hours so that it really doesn ’ t cheap! Only 4 to 5 Nm s goal, then titanium was the solution polish rubbed on the.! Seven presents the best value in the same fashion Sage look and function doesn t. Liquidate excess inventory, so often discounts are built into initial pricing for a rigid MTB polished! Though Seven ’ s the very best bar you can buy for a quote... Warned me that I was making a big mistake torque is only 4 to 5 Nm discounting to liquidate inventory. And crevice with the power washers—this bike will thrive and shine, not wither and rust new.!... is the Scotch brite pad ride in rainy, wet conditions price of the service on. Got a brushed titanium frame, and most durable performance frames out there need use... You may notice that the area you ’ ll need to use shims with my derailleur! Primer leaving your frame, and that ’ s not limited by narrow rubber, like a bike! Variety of reasons, including liability, we simply wouldn ’ t discount and bikes don ’ t my. Of water in the same fashion see through to the tube, especially if you are located an.