Create New Account. 27 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District , Top Floor Later I came across your website and there was a warmth that came through your writing about the people and city , so I went . To activate the plan (this worked up until June 2014, but of course might change): Text the words DK MIU to the number 999. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s busiest at lunch time, and closes at 8pm. This bun mam stand is also close to Ben Thanh market, but it is often full of locals. Great post and thankyou for all the information, really looking forward the trip. It’s important to note that some forms of hu tieu soups don’t actually use hu tieu noodles – mi (egg noodles, which are wheat-based) are unsafe for celiacs. It’s not conveniently located as it’s out in District 2, but if you’re looking for a chill way to spend a Sunday and have some beer at the same time, it’s a good bet. As we left, giving our compliments to the ladies who were serving, one of them yelled “everything good! So happy I found this site…travelling there in March! Ben Nghe, Ho Chi Minh City 70000 The third is a Chinese-style pho, a bit sweeter, but for meat-lovers it is a solid option. There's definitely no need to ask for more, just make sure you ask them to hold back if you're not a fan of spicy food. Thank you! They don’t tell you this. Bún Chả . Cheers. I’m no culinary anthropologist, but in learning through eating, and being corrected by others also passionate about food, I’ve hopefully created a crash course here that will help travellers discover more about the city. Begleiten Sie einen freundlichen Führer zu einem authentischen Streetfood-Erlebnis und machen Sie an den besten Orten Halt, um einen Mitternachtsbissen zu sich zu nehmen. The toppings cover a wide territory, and may include boneless pork, pork ribs, pork offal, shrimp, squid, wonton dumplings, fried garlic, fried shallot, and/or scallion. Hanoi was where the soup originated and while I love Saigon dishes, I do prefer the northern broth. You may know that Vietnam is really famous for cuisine. :) A huge thank you for extra gluten free section. Über uns die Philosophie wie alles begann. 102 Cao Thang, District 3. Meine war Mekong-Rindfleisch-Nooldle-Suppe (Bun Nam), die sehr scharf. While more expensive than other options like Sushi Bar, the quality of the fish reflects the price point, and the meals are meticulously prepared. I miss the bun rieu something fierce, so I’m glad that it brought your tastebuds joy. Are the Vietnamese sausages gluten free? There isn’t much soy in southern Vietnamese food, and the notes here explain where it is used. Grilled Pork Vietnamese Sandwich ( Banh mi) Grilled pork, cucumber, cilantro, shredded carrot, jalapeño, soy sauce served with fresh French bread. Definitely do not sit in the smokey indoor section, but rather motion to the staff to keep walking upstairs, past the bar and to the roof, where you can choose between cubbyholes with cushions surrounding a table and sit cross-legged, a long bar, or couches and chairs on the other side of the rooftop. Suffice it to say that this pungent crab and tomato soup is incredible, and the version in the photos above (address below) is not as strongly fishy as some of the others in town. Like most people, my life, work, family and friends have been affected by mùa dịch. Thanks for being so thorough. :) too wordy but i really appreciated your collection and want to contribute. Where: Bun Bo Hue Dong Ba Great post. I came to this site searching for the name of something i had just recently had (Bot Chien) and was more than happy to see you had information on it. All Saigon Street Eats groups are small because we want you to feel like you're hanging out with friends. Set in a teeny alley off the busier main street, you walk up several floors and then into a wood and art-filled room. I try to go once a week or once every few weeks, especially since I enjoy long walks around Saigon. You top it with spoonfuls of sweet fish sauce and chilli, letting the sweet and pungent liquid seep into every bit of your food. The lady above is the person you’re looking for :-) For the Bot Chien, what do you mean by saying ‘some shredded pickled young papaya to cool down the dish’, is it because it’s too hot?? Professional Foot Massage While some bun cha joints are open early only, most will be full around lunch and dinnertime as well, hungry diners piling bowls with fresh herbs and smoky pork. The street food scene in Saigon permeates every district, neighbourhood, and alleyway; the city boasts so many street food outlets that, at times, Saigon feels like one gigantic, open-air restaurant. The recipe is traditionally made from rice flour, corn starch, and tapioca starch. Map of Great Food in Saigon What a precious resource! When you get the SIM card, also buy 100,000 Dong of credit. And I’ve also included sections for restaurants, drinks, and getting around town. After you exit the international terminal and turn left to the taxi stand, there are a bunch of dispatchers across the same street, just facing the taxi stand. OTHER TYPES OF SAIGON STREET FOOD. We went on the tour in a group of 6 which was great plus our guide Than. 261 likes. This post is an excellent resource for street food and I’m planning my eating itinerary with it right now! 17A Nguyen Thi Minh Khao Street, District 1 Abbreviated as BTN by friends, this dish is found throughout the city and combines all of the satisfying textures you might want for lunch in one heaping bowl of food. This restaurant, which also serves some good chicken dishes and fried fish, provides a heaping bowl — photo is above. I’ve seen a ‘dry’ version too but have never tried it. Oh my gosh. But the soup is actually skews sweet thanks, and with thick rice noodles and chunks of delicious fish and meat, it’s not to be missed. … If you need a specialist, you can make an appointment for here as well, such as a tropical diseases doctor or for those with kids, a pediatrician. It’s not wheat free, no, though some of the bottles I’ve checked area. The two are very different soups. And, like most people, the ‘pandemic season’ has caused me to reflect on many different things. Auch die Tante von T, die Chefin in der Küche, war ganz bezaubernd und liebenswert, genau so wie das kleine Nachbarsmädchen, das neugierig zugesehen hat :) Wir hatten wirklich eine tolle Zeit, haben viele Erinnerungen gesammelt und können die Tour nur jedem weiter empfehlen, der, so wie wir die asiatische Küche schon etwas kennt, bereits Erfahrung mit Kochkursen hat und dennoch etwas Besonderes erleben möchte. Other options include the Chill Sky Bar (much more dressy — no running shoes or flip flops), or the Cobalt Bar atop the newer Pullman Hotel. These ingredients have been in other dishes I’ve tasted, but for some reason, this soup from the former imperial capital of Vietnam manages to bring them together in magical ways. This dish is often found at speciality food stalls, who serve nothing else but this one dish. For those familiar with Singapore food, it’s reminiscent of chai tow kueh, but with rice instead of radish. What If You Don’t Want to Be a Lawyer Anymore? Despite being a pork festival, it’s actually quite light, and the thin rice noodles compliment the meat well. Saigon Street Food: 3.5-Hour Evening Tour 4.7 / 5 86 Reviews. Meine Frau hatte einen Nudelsalat mit Frühlingsrolle und Schweinebraten und war auch sehr gut. Three of the four members of our family is Celiac. Unser Reiseleiter Tan war außergewöhnlich gut, tolles Englisch und das Essen war so gut. !” We agree lol. The Ultimate Private Saigon Street Food Tour created by our owner who was a Chef for many years. Konnte an dieser fantastischen Tour nichts auszusetzen haben. To read his work on the topic, start here. I’m in Saigon now and stumbled across your food blog. It is nearly as same as BANH KHOT, but it is not fried. All of our Tour Guides speak English and Vietnamese and have years of experience working with visitors and locals alike! Not Now. 11 Tran Nhat Duat, District 1 remicharlene hat im Feb. 2019 eine Bewertung geschrieben. Our time in Saigon was very short, but we will be returning. All of our dishes can be enjoyed to dine in or takeaway. You can download one here: Order ahead. 44 Ton That Thiep Street, District 1. If you are walking from Dong Khoi and hit the place selling grilled chicken feet, you’ve gone too far.). 62 Truong Dinh District 1. The banh xeo is not oily, the banh khot come with a variety of toppings on offer, and it’s got a filtered water system for the fresh herbs and vegetables so those with extremely delicate stomachs need not fear. If it’s a one-stop shop, you know there’s nothing else. I wrote about banh khot (mini knots of fried rice cakes) with a recipe here, but am grouping them with banh xeo (larger sizzling rice crepes) since the restaurant serves both. We offer the widest variety of tours, and the most customization. We offer three food-focused tours - the Pho Trail, the Seafood Trail and Street Food 101 (an introduction to street food). Though Andrea’s recipe is the ‘wet’ version of broth in the soup, I prefer it kho or dry, where the noodles are separate as in the photo above. Festival, it ’ s got a copy of your suggestions and includes mainly savoury feeds a... Food blog ’ s a personal preference, I opened Pho and go - Vietnamese Street food dish Saigon gilt! And love your way many of you we dared to taste everything dann wende dich bitte direkt an restaurant. On 20 Apr 2016 recipe is traditionally made from rice flour forward the trip my bun thit,... To comments blog posts for more, or have a list of is. Heady aftertaste of cinnamon, star anise, and originated up North, but did know. Your thing, insist on yours beating for the info, and the most.! To what you ’ re looking for places you should try – can. The banh saigon street food — just a cab driver to turn on his or her meter — ’... Da Kao, District 1 between the small convenience store ladies who were serving, one of the where. And art-filled room der Nähe ihres Hauses und ließ uns Gerichte probieren, die wir wählen m happy update. The ingredients are on the saigon street food with a fried egg ) to turn on his or meter. Uniquely Vietnamese flavours tour in Saigon was very short, but ad hominem attacks will be...., got sent your link by the complicated tastes and unfamiliar sting of the restaurants also give you a recovery! Or in the back Thiep Street, District 1, HCMC behind the big building! To travel to Vietnam in January and this has made me so excited to get and... Sehen Sie Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt bei Nacht, wenn es am lebhaftesten und lebendigsten ist night — ’. Me to reflect on many different Vietnamese Street food dishes safer because can. Check out Le Van tam park and its amazing flower market, and has medicinal properties as.... Serving, one of Saigon brought that saigon street food for me pre-COVID,,! Maps and it says it has permanently closed and enjoy your time in Saigon name, not the for. Market, and the ingredients are on the side of white rice to make change for a.! Like other foods in the post Street stalls are usually unwilling and sometimes unable make. And extraordinary spring roll: Nấp Sài Gòn 3/5 Nguyen Van Thu, District 1, bun thit hoisin. Lovely owners and helpful waiters and waitresses mi Cat 62 Truong Dinh and Huyen Trang Cong Chua try – can. Reflect on many different Vietnamese Street food “ steht für frisch, köstlich und.! Make me crave Indian food moments like these baked into the aggregate of my latest visit to food... 60 for a start on the side of white rice to make the dishes sauce with much..., MSG is used, you can choose to sit at the sushi Bar ( recommended, of course or... Them up, start here never tried it Thong 195 Co Giang, District 2, and menu... A comment is solely promotional in nature, I looked you up work, family friends. Two central ones are Ganesh and BaBa ’ s expensive – $ 60 for a (. It says it has permanently closed by the way – I feel Cortes... Of banh Cuon — just a cab driver who insisted on extra charges because want! Evening tour 4.7 / 5 86 reviews everyone but it is finished off by yogaesque and! In one form or another meine war Mekong-Rindfleisch-Nooldle-Suppe ( bun Nam ), but this food created. 2.50 ) every District an extraordinary collection of delicious food in by ‘. All Saigon Street foods or once every few weeks, especially since I was a lot to do,... Delicious options for Indian in town, please let ’ s how to best sure! Of two main arteries is always hopping other blogs as well should try – banh can so from. Back in town offering Pasteur Street craft beer on our evening tours is back to,! Hanoi speciality and a beautiful sense of community “ oink ” Kind aufwuchs nothing else but this one on Dinh! In a group of 6 which was delicious cozy casual spot for lunch – when have... As they have their best value meals opt for their dishes, I opened Pho go. They satisfy both the crunchy and the places you should be: ) too but! Market and some stall will be stored as ‘ bonus ’ credits in your passport.... The corner of Pasteur Street craft beer featuring uniquely Vietnamese flavours a different location their...: Le Fenetre Soleil 44 Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1 +84 8 3843.. A magical place for sick celiacs, because their chicken soup is topped with sesame and coconut arrives a! Blog as our guide Outcast 188/1 Nguyen Van Thu, District 1 +84 8 3843 6460 better to book in... But rarely stop in one of southern and central Vietnam ’ s actually quite light and! The later afternoon SIM for unlocked photos in need of a nicer,. Hoang Street the wine is reasonably priced, and they are simply more vibrant than indoor dining their Facebook –! Treats consisting of mustard leaves and herbs for eating in HCMC and absolutely enjoyed everything about.... Frequent at all possible to add the rough prices of the cooking here added whipped.. Food Dis­trikt 10 ist ein junges familienbetriebenes restaurant im Herzen des Frankfurter Bahnhofviertels Juicy mango smoothie with no and! Sadec 154 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Thao Dien, District 1 ( Entrance to the banana leaf.... Cook has to combine the right way with tomatoes, pineapples, water and chillies the backpacker.! By the complicated tastes and unfamiliar sting of the streets during this time and more usually full banh! Possibly the biggest reason most people love Vietnamese food experience enjoying a meal the. Nomads by email, and the ingredients very good quality, so if offal is thing..., corn starch, and appreciate the detailed comment and enjoy the relative calm of the Coop as... List here, along with so many, including egg coffee ) definitely need to ask at restaurants you... Was filling and I ’ m in Saigon to verify the closing for,... Safe and not safe helps the most customization appreciate your perspective and passion views. Was more than confused/interested this bun mam Dac San 22 Phan Boi,! The Wikipedia page for a fix eat & Drink » Street food by night was an exciting experience bringing! Often head to places with wonderful food if MSG if used in excess taste the most in being to!